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HEY MAJOR is formed by the two multi-instrumentalist brothers, Mickaël and Raphaël Fortin. Built on strong britrock influences, the chemistry and history between these boys is audible from the first note, writing what they’ve coined to be “elegant rock.” 


In May 2015, the band, which was formerly called Orange O’clock, won CBC’s Searchlight contest as “Best New Canadian Artist”, among 3000 acts across Canada, with their single “Can't Fight the Feeling”.  A year later, among more than 18 000 songwriters across the world, they landed in second place with their song Wax ’n’ Wane at the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville.  The band’s first single off their album “Crazy Carnival”, was picked by Grant Lawrence from CBC music to be part of the monthly playlist “Songs You Need to Hear” and was promoted on NPR music, BBC Radio 1 and CBC music.


After spending a month touring Australia earlier this year, Hey Major came back home to finish recording their debut album ‘’The Station’’. The LP was produced in Montreal (Indica Studios) with Peter Edwards and Franz Schuller and mixed by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Weezer, Wilco…) and Tim Palmer (David Bowie, Tears for Fears, U2…). Inspired by the best of Brit rock and pop, their debut album “The Station” highlights Hey Major’s distinctive rock sound. The songs burst to life with Mickaël’s pristine and emotional vocals, dynamic piano parts and Raphaël’s restrained and consoling drumming. ‘’The Station’’ is available on all platforms now.

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